Manage your finances

I found a new FREE web services for managing your finances.  This is new to Canada so I have been actively telling everyone I know.

This site is very visually appealing and easy to setup.  I had it synchronized to my bank accounts and providing useful reports in under 15 minutes.

The first comment I always get is “do you think that’s safe?”.  Well yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have signed up.  Not that isn’t always reassuring to everyone I know so I tell them what I have found out:
I have been using Quicken for some time to manage my finances.  Quicken is made by Intuit which is also makes QuickBooks.  There has been a Quicken On-line version for a while but I never could justify upgrading from the perfectly working version I had already paid for.  Well for whatever reason Quicken On-line became and was made free.  They are free because they have advertising and offer suggestions for other services based on your banking that could lower service fees and interest payments.  Anyways, I am sure that if there was some malicious activity going on this site they would likely prefer to steal some business’ financial information more so than seeing how much I paid for groceries last month.

My only complaint was that I could not import my years of Quicken data.  I figure that I will use both for a while until I have built up enough history in Mint.


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