Plan to Virutalize everything!

Virtualization is everywhere and is taking over regular computing. Virtualization is the backbone of the cloud and core to the internet.

Previously if we needed 10 different server we would purchase 10 different servers. But what if some servers weren’t in use all the time or what if they weren’t using all the resources they had in them? Most companies would end up with only a couple properly adequate servers and a pile of under used servers wasting space and energy.

With virtualization we take the 8 mediocre servers and combine them into 1 or 2 high powered servers. Image eight mediocre servers at $5 000 each totaling $40 000, or purchasing two $10 000 servers totaling $20 000 but performing the same computing as the first 10. This saves labour for installation & maintenance, energy costs, upfront purchases and physical space. Back to my first point, plan to virutalize everything.

With Microsoft Certification specializing in Hyper-V and Server Virtualization, we can help you implement and design for these new technologies. Start saving money today with Virtualization.

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