Email is changing for all sizes of business. Gone are the days of expensive Exchange Servers that sat in the closet and needed to be replaced every 4 years. These were expensive pieces of equipment, laden with licensing fees, hardware costs, support and maintenance cost, installation fees and energy costs. Add to this new features would come out and you would have to wait for the old servers to be replaced to get them. What happens if the internet is down at the office, customers get undeliverable messages. Preventing SPAM, Viruses and Malware also adds extra cost in all the above categories.

Welcome to the Cloud.

Email is now stored on-line in large datacenters that keep it running with the most possible up-time. As new features arrive they are delivered to you instantly. There is no more upgrading hassles and you never need to replace it because it got old.

We will assist you selecting the best option to suit your business needs. We can then help you technically deploy the appropriate solution and migrate your existing email.

What we Recommend.

Windows Live Admin Center (formerly: Windows Live Custom Domains)
Think of this as (formerly: Hotmail) for your office. This is a FREE option that Microsoft provides where you can host your own email domain ( and access it all through a number of available services (Hotmail App for your phone, Outlook for your Desktop and via the internet).
This is the best option for a company look to move a way from using old POP3 email hosting services.

Office 365
This service is the hosted cloud alternative to all of those “other” services your old server use to do.  This includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Apps Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
With email plans starting at $4.95 (Canadian) per month per user, you can outfit your entire office for less than the cost of the old dusty Exchange server. If you don’t think so, let us know and we can show you how it will save you money over the lifespan of replacing the server.

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