About NickDorak

I am a systems analyst and provide technical support for many small businesses as well as head operations for data center hosting websites and servers. I have been doing this for over 10 years and am very knowledgeable with most Microsoft products. I am a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist for Virtualization and SharePoint. I live in Milton Ontario Canada and am have decided to start this Blog as I find myself repeating myself and typing individual e-mails to people I know about the same topics. I figure I could share this information with everyone and just send my friends here. You will find that I am a big Microsoft “fan boy” (as the geeks call it) and prefer to not to use additional software if I can avoid it. It is often that Microsoft has big gaps that need filling but in time they seem to disappear.

Windows Media Center

For anyone not using Windows Media Center, try it!

I am a big fan of this product and have been using it since Windows XP Media Center came out.   I have a main computer in my basement where Windows 7 Ultimate is installed as well as a couple tuners.  We don’t really use Media Center here and the computer is use more for web browsing and the like.  I then have 2 Xbox’s and until recently use them strictly as “Media Center Extenders” in the bedroom and family room.   This has been the best setup I have been able to put together and keep finding myself less than impressed with other home theatre setups.